San Diego city politicians are trying to fool voters into approving Measure C by putting a misleading ballot title on it. Measure C will increase congestion, block coastal views and access, and unfairly benefit developers and special interests at a cost to taxpayers.

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Save Open and Accessible Beaches

In 1972 citizens created the coastal zone height-limit law to establish our right to open and accessible beaches.

Measure C is a scheme that unravels that hard-won legal right.

Measure C allows dense construction of expensive residential towers within the coastal zone. Measure C is part of a larger plot by developers to dismantle the height-limit along San Diego’s entire coastline. Measure C is about forcing high-rise redevelopment into existing beach neighborhoods.

Stop Sweetheart Deals for Special Interests

City politicians put this measure on the ballot to reward their developer and special interest friends with lucrative contracts and development deals. These sweetheart development deals and contracts come at a massive cost to taxpayers!

Prevent Freeway Congestion and Wasting Public Land

Measure C means worse freeway congestion, overloaded beach access roads, and less parking.

The Community Plan for this project's area includes 980 acres of public land and public rights-of-way. Measure C is about forcing high-rise redevelopment onto these public land parcels. By defeating Measure C we can insist on a better plan that balances reasonable development with recreation areas and a restored stretch of San Diego River for kayak and paddleboard journeys to San Diego Bay. This can only happen if we vote NO on Measure C.


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Saturday, September 10, 2022

NO on Measure C:
STOP Beach Barricades


List of Opponents

Carl DeMaio, Former San Diego City Council Member
Chairman of Reform California

List of Opponents

Reform California

List of Opponents

Save Our Access

List of Opponents

Carolyn Chase, Earth Day Mom

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